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Getting to Know MMA

Fight! Mixed martial arts is making waves and generating a great deal of excitement from loyal fans. This sport is a full contact combat sport and it makes use of a hodge-podge of martial arts (both traditional and non-traditional).

Mixed martial arts, of MMA combines the punching styles of boxing, the different types of kicking (as used in Tae Kwon Doe and other similar martial arts), as well as the various classes of grappling. These moves can be done when the opponents are either lying down or standing up.

The great thing about MMA is that anyone who has a background in any kind of martial arts can join and have a fighting chance at being a champion. However, a fighter should also know different techniques so as to ensure the win.

Today, MMA has a lot of set rules, as it is veering away from its image that it is a kind of a bloodsport – no holds barred and to-the-death kinds of fights. These rules aim to protect the two fighters so that they stay safe and do not need to suffer injury. There are nine weight classes by which everyone wanting to join will qualify. There are also absolutely no head butts and elbows and the fighters must wear gloves specified by the group. Each round (for professional fights) will last for five minutes, with each game having three to five rounds.

To get the winner’s crown, the opponent should either submit to the other player or be totally knocked out. There are also times when the game is stopped by the referee, the fight doctor or the opponent’s corner man. For a win to be declared a knockout, the opponent should be rendered unconscious because of the other fighter’s blows or grapplings.

With fight stoppage, the judges will decide who has won. This is called a technical knockout. When a competitor gives up the fight through submission, he has to tap on the floor or the competitor’s body or announce verbally that he is submitting.

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