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Jennifer Aniston Is Pregnant in SmartWater Video

After much speculation and swirling rumors, Jennifer Aniston finally sports a baby bump, but only for a new spoof video that happens to be a SmartWater ad.

The 43-year-old actress, whose “alleged” pregnancy was a regular subject in the celebrity magazines, appears in the Alek Keshishian directed video with a huge bump. Playing an imaginary version of herself, Jenny is heavily pregnant with triplets, but she is meticulously hiding her “current” state from the public eye with a girdle.
The “truth” on what happens behind the walls of Aniston’s home comes to light only after a security cam footage is stolen from her Californian house.
The video starts with an American Idol host, Ryan Seacrest, making a mock news report, according to which Aniston’s security tapes have been stolen and leaked online by an unknown source. And the recording itself reveals the star’s biggest and darkest secrets. Hope you are ready read on and check them out….
Next it’s shown a black and white surveillance footage that gives sight of Jenny climbing inside of her new car – that she crashes it in the garage – and getting back to the house again, because she forgot to drink her SmartWater.
Then the great revelation follows, i.e., the much-talked about baby bump that haunts the Friends star ever since she got engaged with Justin Theroux.
However, the hilarious footage reveals more than snaps from her belly. It also includes a hilarious cameo of the late night host Jimmy Kimmel, who pretends to be Aniston’s older son, the younger one being an alien.
Wearing floaties and a snorkel mask, Jimmy cries: ‘You always make me hide, I think you’re ashamed someone will see me.’
I bet this scene will steal a smile from your face that will linger on until the very end of the video.
As the 2½-minute ad nears to its end, Jennifer takes off her fake hair as she is standing in front a mirror, saying: ‘Good night Rachel.’

And for those who are less familiar with it, in the fake-hair scene Aniston is alluding to Rachel Green’s well-known hairdo that became as famous as the character itself.

In the end, the product tag-line flashes up: ‘Even more refreshing than the truth.’

The first time Jennifer signed on as a SmartWater spokewoman was in 2012, while in 2011, the water-manufacturer released many viral ads and memes featuring her. If you wanna find out more about Jennifer Aniston, stay tuned!

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