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Colonics: Celebrity Weight-Loss Secret Revealed

In order to rid ourselves of harmful toxins built up in our bodies we need to cleanse our colons. In order to lose weight, we must have a clean colon.

If you have not been living an all-natural organic lifestyle up until now I can guarantee you that your colon is clogged up with toxins and hardened fecal matter.

A clogged colon causes fatigue, constipation, obesity…the list goes on and on. If you want to get healthy and lose weight fast, it is time to cleanse your colon.

Colonics and enemas are a fast and easy way to lose weight.

A colonic is the infusion of water into the rectum by a colon therapist in order to cleanse and flush out the colon. An enema is the do-it-yourself-at-home version of this. If you have money to burn then go to a colon therapist and start getting colon hydrotherapy treatments weekly. If not, then you can get started doing enemas in the comfort of your own bathroom in minutes.

Why colonics? Because if you have not been living a natural organic lifestyle up to this point in your life than you absolutely have a buildup of toxins and waste inside your body that needs to be flushed out immediately. Not only is this buildup causing you to be heavier, but in the long run this buildup will start to poison your body, causing you discomfort and disease.

You may have up to 20 pounds of undigested fecal matter inside you. Imagine getting rid of this. You could be 20 pounds lighter in two weeks! You will also feel an immediate relief and energy boost when doing colonics and enemas.

There are many celebrities who use colonics regularly to maintain weight and good health including Jennifer Aniston, Janet Jackson, Kate Beckinsale, Ben Affleck, Demi Moore, Damon Wayans, Madonna, and even Paris Hilton.

Even the late Princess Diana was a colon-cleansing advocate. She was quoted as saying “For years I’ve been trying to bury my troubles under mountains of food, but after I binge, I worry about my figure. And I make myself throw up. It’s a terrible vicious compulsion. But now that I’m getting regular colonics, I don’t worry so much about what I eat. I know all the excess food will be washed away, along with the poisons that cause my terrible headaches. My migraines are caused by food allergies, and I haven’t had one since I started the treatments.”

Princess Di attributed her small figure, youthful glow and silky hair to the regular use of colonics and enemas.

If you don’t want to pay for colonics or you are too shy to have this procedure done by a professional then you can get started right now doing an enema in the comfort of your own bathroom. Go to the drug store and pick up an enema kit. These are very inexpensive, usually only around $ 2 or $ 4.

Take it home and follow the instructions on the carton. The enema container will contain one dose. Use this once, but then the good news is that you can use the container over and over again. Just use filtered water instead of the solution that came in the bottle.

Once you become used to the enema process, you can decide if a colonic would be right for you. The benefits of colonics not only include weight loss but also increased energy, renewed vitality, increased sex drive, and a clearer complexion…the list goes on and on.

If you are extremely overweight or sick colonics should be your number one priority!

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