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Not happy with your nose, Explore the options of Rhinoplasty in NYC

“Only a nose knows, where the nose goes, when the door close”: Mohammad Ali

Nose, always remained a favourite topic of philosophers who correlate nose with self-esteem and self-respect. However, with the abrupt advancements in healthcare and surgical science these definitions are changing. For people in New York City, nose is considered as an essential part of facial beauty and it is believed that a minor revision in nasal appearance can bring a massive change in overall facial appearance. This revision is termed as nose surgery or Rhinoplasty and the experienced specialists perform this miraculous job at their Rhinoplasty NYC clinic.

A brief about this Nose Surgery:
According to, the term Rhinoplasty is derived from Greek word: rhis + plassein, and English translation of which is to shape a nose. This nose treatment is defined as a plastic surgery procedure, which is conducting with a motive to correct or reconstruct a nose, restore the functions of nose and aesthetically enhancing the nose.

A nose surgery as a complete procedure takes 90 minutes to 150 minutes and to perform this procedure, the patient is generally kept under anaesthesia or sedation. As incisions are required, so with the use of lidocaine and epinephrine’s anaesthetic mixture, it is injected to the numb area. This procedure generally helps surgeons with reduced and limited bleeding.

Under this procedure, a cast is placed on the nose and in case patient reports any bleeding, light dressing is done inside the nostril. These stitches are normally removed on same day and in some cases sutures are placed for better results, which take few days for adjusting.

Expected Medical Conditions and Recovery:
If any part of the body receives incision, it will take time before it settles down perfectly and turn up with the expected results. Some medical conditions may disturb a patient or a patient may have to undergo pain for few days. As in case of eyelid surgery, a patient reports about blurred vision for few initial days. The case is same in Rhinoplasty and after the modification; a patient may face difficulties with breathing for few days. The problem persists due to swelling and could last for one to two weeks. After a week or two, the swelling will go and so will the breathing problem.

Celebrities gone with the Nose Surgery:

Cameron Diaz
Jennifer Aniston
Kate Hudson
Jennifer Lopez
Demi Moore
Halle Berry

Therefore, if you care about facial appearance, you should give a try to explore what Rhinoplasty NYC experts can do for you. For more information on other facial & reconstructive surgeries, visit

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