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Ticking Bomb in Celebrity Relationships

From mythical 60s to present Hollywood celebrity news, it seems majority of celebrities in Tinseltown are not adaptable to long term relationships. Are any specific reasons for breaking up with their spouses or partner in a short interval? Why celebrities are often falling in break-up syndrome?

Every relationship is different whether it’s between friends, parents or spouses. Everyone goes through some sets of crests and falls. It’s more often we see a budding relationship of celebrity in tabloid or entertainment news online; we instantly assume they might separate in the near future. We witness countless celebrity break-ups in a year, even though the reason is quite common and frank, but to a certain extent, celebrity relationships are prone to end up badly than regular people. If you don’t believe it, you need to see the statistics closely. In United States the divorce rates are quite high, close to 50%. Nevertheless, in celebrity entertainment news we see an astounding figure of breaking up relationships up to 80%. But that doesn’t answer our curiosity of breaking up so frequently.

Some Reasons For Celebrity Break-ups

Work Pressure

The work of celebrities always keeps them on their toes. Moreover, with the constant intrusion of paparazzi into their lives, things get more difficult for them. Due to hectic schedule, lots of pressure, often they put career before their relationships, and eventually leads to boredom, insecurity, infidelity etc.

Marriage is not a movie

Many celebrities fantasize wedding instead of marriage. Marriage is a social responsibility; it starts from the end of gorgeous wedding ceremony. As the day passes, idea of a normal married life clashes with fantasy. Many succumb to the sacrifices one has to do in marriage life, and eventually simply panic and quit.

Missing the fun factor

The common catchphrases like “we wanted different things out of life” or “we need to find our individuality first” etc. are very common after a celebrity breakdown. The fact is relationships are never being easy, and require patience, constant effort and mutual understanding. There is a lack of time, insecurity over their career, constant limelight etc. turn the life of a celebrity a mess. When things don’t work out, they simply tempt to quit.

Temptation and loyalty

There are ample examples when a celebrity husband and to say a wife cheated on him or her. It is not that in regular life, people don’t cheat each other, but it’s evident that in celebrity couples infidelity can faster penetrate than trust. Many celebrity couples live a very happy life after long years of marriage, but if you see their personal lives, they seldom reveal their family lives to media. They always keep close to themselves, and never allow any controversy over their relationships and sincerity.

Breaking up is easier

The hectic schedule and constant pressure seldom allow celebrities to put all things on the right place. In every relationship there are ups and downs, but in the life of a celebrity there is no time to play patience with crests and falls. In the end when things got worse, the only viable option is to break-up. All because they feel they can find happiness, romance, security etc. in next relationship.

All these reasons are not just applied to celebrities but in regular people’s lives as well. Just because celebrities lives are always in limelight that doesn’t mean they don’t have right to live a personal life.

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