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Looking for a Rhinoplasty Treatment in New York, Let us clear the Myths

Did you that the famous diva of Hollywood Jennifer Aniston has undergone several nose jobs done till date? Nose jobs better known as rhinoplasty can be done for cosmetic reasons. They can also be done to correct any structural deformities that may affect normal breathing. Walk in to any New York cosmetic surgery clinic and you will find yourself in the waiting list for a nose job. A Rhinoplasty New York clinic provides aesthetic results to those looking to have their nose rectified.

The cosmetic surgeon from the Rhinoplasty New York clinic helps to clear various doubts that people have about this cosmetic procedure –

Myth: After undergoing the procedure of Rhinoplasty, the patient cannot go out in the sun as it may cause the implant to melt
Fact: It is a common myth among those looking to undergo the Rhinoplasty surgery that the candidate cannot expose his/her nose to the sun. However, this myth has originated from the various quick fixes used by quacks in the form of paraffin and candle wax. These had instant results but proved to be disastrous when exposed to the sun as it leads to the softening of the paraffin and deforming of the nose. The actual rhinoplasty surgery on the other hand does not involve filler injections and is a surgical intervention. Therefore, the patient can easily move around once recovered from the surgery.

Myth: The procedure of Rhinoplasty can leave behind ugly scars
Fact: It is important to note that most Rhinoplasty procedures nowadays involve great amount of emphasis on delivering natural and aesthetic results. The procedure can leave behind faint scars as it involves incisions. However, the expertise of the surgeons ensures that the scars are strategically placed so that it does not give the face an unsightly appearance.

Myth: The procedure of Rhinoplasty can be done by any doctor
Fact: Most plastic surgeons offer the procedure of Rhinoplasty to its patients; however, that necessarily does not imply that it gives good results. A surgeon doing the Rhinoplasty procedure requires both artistic as well as good medical skills. In addition to this, the candidate looking to undergo Rhinoplasty surgery should also ensure that the surgeon is certified from the American board of facial, plastic and reconstructive surgery.

Myth: Anyone can get the nose of his or her choice with the help of Rhinoplasty
Fact: It is imperative to understand that a Rhinoplasty cannot be customized according to the requirements of the candidate. Various factors such as the bone or a skin structure can limit the chances of desired results. Moreover many cases may also require a secondary procedure.

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