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Rihanna Tickets – Good Girl Gone…Conservative

As today’s pop stars become even slinkier in their outfits, it comes as a shocker that the women would even consider covering up. But sometimes the show must go on, and for the majorly Muslim county Malaysia, Rihanna (among others) are learning to bear a little less.

The “disturbed” artist is hitting Malaysia this February, and after Gwen Stefani and Avril Lavigne saw conservatives protesting their garbs during recent performances, plans on changing her typically leather clad booty for something a little more Little House on the Prairie. If you approve of the sexuality cover-up, check out how the star pulls it off this fall with your own Rihanna tickets.

According to government regulations in the Muslim country, female performers must cover themselves from the knees to the top of the chest, including the shoulders. Though the 16,000 Kuala Lumpur Stadium patrons have no doubt seen the singer currently sporting a Mohawk in her typical garnishes via a little thing called the World Wide Web, fans must accept a more conservative outfit for the February 13th concert. Managing director for Pineapple Concerts Razman Razali told the Associated Press that they are “aware of the country’s regulations and the difficulties of doing a show.”

The Grammy Award singer plans on taking the necessary steps to keep her “Good Girl Gone Bad” tour just as award worthy even with all the restrictions. Rihanna knows the affects of rejecting such religious concerns, as fellow pop stars Stefani and Lavigne were bashed in both the Muslim country and the States for their merely fare practices taken to obey Malaysia’s rules. The star’s acceptance of the restrictions hasn’t stopped sales for the dirty popper as they steadily remain in motion even with the conservative announcement January 6th.

The issue isn’t just about respecting the government when the Pussycat Dolls, a group that have similarly made a name for themselves via provocatively and heightened sexuality, performed in the country in 2006 without obeying the regulations, they were fined nearly $ 3,000. Though artists have made statements citing the “sacrifices” to regulate their costume changes during Malaysia performances, keeping up the good girl image for one show will allow Rihanna and others to continue performing in the regulated country.

The 20 year old has only been performing since 2005, when she released her dance club debut “Pon de Replay.” Born Robyn Rihanna Fenty in 1988 in Saint Michael, Barbados, she was constantly performing in talent shows and beauty contests before she met Evan Rodgers, the production pop man behind hits from *NSYNC, Christina Aguilera, Jessica Simpson and others, and took the Barbados resident to a recording studio where she impressed the new Def Jam president Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter.

With a new record contract, the young singer released Music of the Sun, produced by Rodgers and his Syndicated Rhythm Productions partner Carl Sturken. She followed up the debut with A Girl Like Me, a success with the singles “S.O.S.” “Unfaithful” and “Break It Off.”

It wasn’t until Rihanna’s third album, Good Girl Gone Bad, that the singer shed her former lengthy locks for a harder look with singles like “Umbrella,” “Take a Bow,” and “Disturbia.” The album reached the top of the hip-hop charts as she worked again with Jay-Z, Ne-Yo and Timbaland.

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