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Elen Rivas, Frank Lampard, Janice Dickinson and more gossip

Elen Rivas rushes daughter to hospital after nasty biking accident…

Frank Lampard and Elen Rivas’ three-year-old daughter may need plastic surgery on her foot after a really nasty bike accident – the poor thing!

The little one got her foot caught in the spokes of her bike a few days ago and was then rushed to hospital. Elen was heard telling pals:

“She has to see a plastic surgeon and may need a skin graft but we are still waiting to see what the doctors say.”

“It’s all so raw and traumatic. This is the first time that anything like this has happened.”

Elen – who we spotted outside a hospital with her daughter after the accident – has apparently found the accident very distressing. A source close to her said:

“It’s just so sad what’s happened. Elen is absolutely distraught.”

Janice Dickinson slobbers over new toyboy…

Yuck, yuck and double yuck: Janice Dickinson couldn’t keep her hands off her new boyfriend, David Blakely – who by the by is 23 years her junior – when we spotted them enjoying a totally unstaged water fight in Malibu last week.

The happy couple, who recently met when their paths crossed while Janice was working on her new show in London, shared several sloppy kisses in-between soaking each other with a hose.

Aw, young love… Well young and old love… Oh you know what we mean.

Jennifer Aniston dumps her ex boyfriend for being “too pure”…

Well, this surprises us. We thought Jennifer Aniston was after a nice, dependable man – but obviously not so.

One of her ex’s has been blabbing to the press this week about his fling with the star, saying that Jennifer ended up giving him the elbow for being “too pure”.

Brian Bouma met Jen while he was working as lighting engineer on the set of one of her films back in 2008. He said that ultimately their fling came to an end because the actress prefers bad boys.

‘She did tell me that I was too “Mr Pure”‘ says Bouma, who was dumped and then promptly replaced by John Mayer (oh it’s like she never learns from her mistakes isn’t it?)

Bouma also says, however, that Jennifer really is as lovely as everyone imagines her to be.

‘She’s a lovely, smart woman and a fabulous person’ he said. ‘Jen is not the person people think she is. All that stuff about her being lonely is just ridiculous. Not true, not true whatsoever.’

God we think we’re starting to fall in love with her a tiny bit now.

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