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by gnuckx

iCelebNews is a lot more than just another celebrity web site. Last week, I found this web site that was really worth a little extra mention. There was all sorts of information on many of my favourite stars, and they are adding more to the site all the time! I can’t really do the site justice, but I can tell you a little about what I liked about it, and then you can check it out for yourself.

If a celebrity is doing it, you can probably find it here! There is so much information on the web site that it is difficult to describe in only a few words. Find out what your favourite stars are doing, and why they are doing it. You can learn about celebrities who are making news. You can find out who is in the news, or just learn about celebrities who are interested in current events.

Divided into three sections, the site offers News, Video, and Blogs. It’s got everything, from the amusing to the rich, famous, and powerful. It is truly varied with a focus on the rich, famous, and powerful. And the blog posts had a mixture of news, reviews, and gossip that was fresh and exciting. I was able to learn news about some of my favourite celebrities with just a couple of clicks.

If you are like me, you love to see informative news about your favourite stars. At this site, you’ll find a mixture of celebrity headlines, and celebrities responding to headlines. If a media darling is involved, the news is even more exciting. whenever world news happens, the media is quick to get a celebrity opinion. When it comes to the rich and famous, news seems to trail them, and it all comes together here.

The way the blogs are written, it’s almost as though you were at the scene. But they are also a view of people just like you and I, which anyone can relate to. The bitter is mixed with the bright and positive, as it should be. It was really refreshing to see celebrity news treated this way. It wasn’t just the topics, but how the information is presented that makes them seem more personal.

The Video section has a number of short video clips. A little something for everyone, as it relates to famous personalities. Funny clips taken from movies are only one of the types of video clips. You can also see famous people behaving in an amusing way, whether they intended to or not. There are interviews with celebrities about various subjects, as well as short performances. The selection of video topics is going to be a driving force for this site!

Sometimes, there will be info about today’s shining stars, other times, a look at celebrities in trouble. But there is always fresh news and lively entertainment! Fashions, diets, and who is currently in love with whom are only a few of the subjects I found, and there are more being added all the time, from what I saw. I like a website that stays current on current events, instead of being stuck in old news.

When it comes to celebrities, the gossip is often as good as the actual news. Someone is always saying something that upsets another celebrity. Sometimes, the squabbles are silly, and sometimes they are filled with drama and intrigue, but we all know it’s going to happen. Not only does iCelebNews deliver all of that, but it does so in a fresh new way. But that’s all I have room to tell you about for now, if you want to know more, I recommend visiting the site for yourself.

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