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Choosing Your Myspace Icons Can Get Out Of Control

Yes, it’s true that Myspace icons can get a little out of control! You’ve undoubtedly seen those pages that take forever to load and are bogged down with glitter graphics everywhere, obnoxious videos and huge images.

However, if chosen carefully, icons can really showcase your personal style. Just in the same way you’d hang a picture on your bedroom wall, you can add Myspace codes to create a more interesting profile.

Some people embed the Myspace codes into their profiles to embellish the sections with Myspace images, rather than plain text. For example, if you love Family Guy, instead of just writing “Family Guy” in the “Favorite TV Shows” section, you can go to “Myspacenow” and snag the code for a moving animation of Peter Griffin grabbing onto his knee in pain.

Similarly, if you have a favorite celebrity, like Marilyn Monroe, Paris Hilton, Gwen Stefani or Avril Lavigne, you can snag their images from “123icons” and post them under the “Who I’d Like To Meet” or the “Heroes” section of your profile.

For your music section, get an animation of Greenday at “Wondericons” or a dancing Jennifer Lopez music video at “123icons”. At “Myspacenow” you can get a nationality Myspace icon for your “General” section or you can get Emo icons from “Mywackospace” for the “About Me” section.

Other people use Myspace icons to indicate their emotion that particular day. For example, at “123icons”, you can select a picture of an emo boy sitting at the playground with the text “And the empty swing was left for you” to indicate your loneliness following a breakup.

Or you can select stick figures hovering over a computer, yelling “I Am So Bored!” Once you find the best Myspace images for each emotion you normally run through, you can cut and paste the codes into Wordpad, label the emotions and save them for later to make it easier to update. You’ll find your friends coming back each day to see which mood you’re in!

It can be difficult to choose whether you want a flashy Myspace layout or a more subtle background and a plethora of carefully selected Myspace icons. You won’t want to overload your page with stuff or it’ll take a long time to load and it will actually work against you because your friends won’t have the patience to wait around.

A common mistake when pimping Myspace out is to create a bad Myspace contact table, where the words don’t line up with the functional buttons. So if someone tries to click “Message,” they end up actually clicking “IM.” It may take a few hours to find all the decorations and make sure everything works properly, but you can look upon your profile with pride once it is all finished.

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