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The Fourth Resident Evil Movie Is Coming

I may not be an avid fan of the game when it was launched but when they released the movie variant, I was totally tied to each and every details of the game that I just had to play it. The first time I saw it, Resident Evil the Movie that was shown in 2002 was really something else. It even made so much noise similar to the first movie edition of the game Tomb Raider which starred Angelina Jolie.

The film starred Milla Jovovich as Alice, the movie’s principal character who takes the force to eradicate each and every undead creatures as a product of a deadly virus that spread inside an underground lab named The Hive. Alice, along with a group of military task force were given three hours to get rid of all the impacted zombies to stop them from coming up the surface and spreading the virus to the rest of the globe. Sadly, the individuals that were supposed to get rid of the zombies were infected with the virus one by one until Alice was the only one left uninfected by the virus and the only thing left for her to do is to keep the zombies locked in the Hive and save herself.

Just when she thought that she’d be fortunate to survive devoid of a scratch, she comes up being infected with the virus but manages to get to the surface. She then becomes an experimental guinea pig for the doctors to discover the remedy for the infection. However, the virus had gotten out of The Hive and starts to infect the people on the earth’s surface.

This is the start of the second movie named as Resident Evil: Apocalypse in 2004 wherein Alice happens to be an experimental cyborg controlled simply by a group of scientists who then fails to get hold of their experimental cyborg and lashes back at them unexpectedly. Minimal did they know that Alice had a diverse plan than what they had hard-wired for her to do? She was still half human which constructed it harder for them to regulate over her brain completely. There usually are times that they get to control her with the utilize of microchips implanted on her brain but commonly, she functions based on her own will since she is at least just a robot.

This brings us to the 3rd part of the film known as Resident Evil: Extinction in 2007. This is the part where the scientists have been locating for Alice all over the world using satellites and other possible ways to find her. By this time, the undead virus-infected zombies had reached as far as Las Vegas and now, Alice is no longer alone in the quest to extinguish the undead that roam the earth. Together with a group of ordinary people, they try to find ways to find the cure and stay alive during the process.

On April of 2010, the official teaser and movie trailer of the upcoming 4th part of the movie dubbed as Resident Evil: Afterlife shall be shown in theaters all over the world to mark the countdown for the release of the follow-up part with the title Resident Evil: Afterlife. It should be shown in theaters On September 2010 and right now, I just cannot wait to notice the trailer. It’ll definitely be a blockbuster hit with all the Alice imitations that shall be kicking zombies until the stop.

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