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The Speed movie is one of the most brilliant action movies ever to be made. It was also one of the most unique action movies; think about it, if someone told you to go watch a movie that has a bus filled with people going round the city, what would you think. But its not just a bus filled with people going round to city for sightseeing; its a bus that has a bomb waiting to blow off with a psychopath villain watching this at home and enjoying the passengers ordeal.

The Speed movie doesnt have anything extravagant but its the simplicity of the movie that grips its audience. Howard Payne the citys most notorious maniac, played by Dennis Hooper, is back with a vengeance as his last attempt to terrorize the city failed. He manages to plant a bomb on a bus and this one of a kind bomb will only get activated if the bus travels faster than 50mph, once activated the bomb will blow up if the speed falls below 50 mph. This cool concept grips the audience throughout the movie as the bus passes a number of hurdles including a fantastic jump over a partially constructed flyover.

The main character of the movie is the character of Officer Jack Traven played by Keanu Reeves who gets on the bus to save the day. Howard Payne actually sets up Jack for this task as the officer had spoilt Paynes last plot. Keanu Reeves comes up with a strong performance and blends into his role really well. Apart from his acting, the stunts he pulls off are just outright brilliant, especially the one where he goes under the fast moving bus to try to get rid of the bomb.

Annie Porter who is one of the unfortunate passengers on the bus, gets the job of being the temporary driver, after the driver gets shot in the shoulder, is played by the beautiful Sandra Bullock. Shes given the tough task of keeping the bus going at above 50 mph in difficult circumstances and plays her role to perfection. Her character portrays a mixture of a tough and an emotional person. At one point she thinks that she has run over a baby in a stroller but to her relief soon finds out that the stroller was filled with something else.

In a nutshell, the movie has everything, great acting, really good action scenes and some brilliant stunts. Jan De Bont the director of the movie does really well to get everything together and manages to not overdo it and makes the movie look realistic. In addition, the character of Payne provides some really catchy bad guy lines that get stuck in your head, along with some humor.

Two Oscars were awarded to this fabulous movie, but to be honest it deserved more. Those of you who still havent managed to watch this brilliant movie or want to re-watch it, can now watch Speed online free of cost on our site. No need to wait any longer, just get on the internet and get comfortable to enjoy this action packed thriller.

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