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Bring On a Super Fight!

There seem to be a few great MMA fights each year, highly anticipated. Generally speaking, there’s still a favorite in each fight, as fans know who to expect to win. Once in a blue moon, the type of epic fight comes along that has a feel of the “Frazier/Ali” hype to it.

It seems like both Anderson Silva and Georges St. Pierre are dominating their competition at the middleweight and welterweight divisions respectively. Both have been untouchable of late, and you have to wonder what’s next for them.

Once “GSP” and Thiago Alves’ fight came to a close during UFC 100 it was obvious “GSP” had manhandled Alves and was going to walk away with yet another dominant victory. He did. St-Pierre’s next opponent will be the winner of Mike Swick and Martin Kampman at UFC 103. Two guys who’ve fought their way to the top of the division and one will get a shot at Georges St-Pierre. Although both men are very capable MMA fighters it’s really hard to say either of them have a chance at defeating the champ. St-Pierre is simply in another class of fighter. When the Swick v St-Pierre or Kampman v St-Pierre fight comes and goes we’ll probably all be left with a burning question, whose next?

And how about Anderson Silva? What’s next on his list? With an easy win against Forrest Griffin, thought by many to be his toughest competitor, it doesn’t seem like Silva has much to prove at this point either. No one else in the weight class seems to compete at the level of Griffin.

Silva will await Dan Henderson for his next fight, according to the UFC. Henderson is coming off a nice win against Michael Bisbing, which in and of itself got him another shot against Silva. Still, many are discounting Henderson’s chances and predict an easy win for Silva. And where does Silva go from there?

One could speculate that Silva might try his hand at the light heavyweight title with a fight against Lyoto Machida, but this simply won’t happen. The two are former training partners and very close friends, and have publicly stated that they won’t fight each other.

The more that the two establish themselves as elite fighters, the more likely it seems that the stars are aligning for St. Pierre and Silva fight. Imagine the speculation and uproar this would cause in MMA circles.

As for who would come out on top, well, that’s the beauty of a fight like this. No one really knows. It’s been a while since we’ve seen a super fight, and I think the UFC is due.

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