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Rampage Jackson Uses Wrestling To Get Into MMA

As with a lot of successful mixed martial arts fighters, Rampage Jackson comes from a strong wrestling background where he wrestled in high school and college. He went to Raleigh-Egypt High School where he won All-State honors. At first, he wanted to go for professional wrestling as soon as he finished high school, but decided to further his wrestling training in college. During college is when Jackson discovered mma, and immediately fell in love with it. He used that strong wrestling foundation to become a future champion in mixed martial arts.

Jackson Finds His Sport in Mixed Martial Arts

Jackson came out of the gate by winning most of his fights that he entered throughout the United States. Even in the early days of mma Jackson was able to beat future legends like Chuck Liddell, Dan Henderson and Wanderlei Silva.

Jackson Gets International Success by Fighting in Pride

He leveraged his success in the United States by going to Japan and joining the established Pride organization in 2001. At first, he lost a match in Pride 15 against a Japanese wrestler by the name of Kazushi Sakuraba, however, fans and the management team saw potential in him. He re-entered in Pride 17 and won a huge match against fighter Yuki Ishikawa. People in Japan realized that Rampage was fighter on the rise.

Rampage Jackson Executes the Slam Seen Round the World

As he was staking his claim as a premier mma fighter in Pride he was quickly becoming known for the speed and brutality in which he would finish fights. The fight that put him on the map was when he fought Brazilian mixed martial arts fighter Ricardo Arona and devastatingly KO’d him by slamming him during a Pride event in 2004. Jackson’s slam of Ricardo Arona became the first thought people had when they thought about mixed martial arts.

Rampage Jackson Coaches The Ultimate Fighter Again

We are not sure if Jackson was a glutton for punishment when he signed on to coach the Ultimate Fighter for a 2nd time against Rashad Evans. He first coached against Forest Griffin in the 7th Season. He had mediocre results then and did not seem to change his methods when he was coaching against Rashad. He was chastised for not being more involved in coaching and working with his fighters. At certain points, he refused to enter the ring to support his fighters. His lack of coaching skills caused his team to lose the first seven match of a season.

Rampage Jackson Goes Hollywood

It seems that the big fight between Rampage Jackson and Rashad Evans has been put on hold while he is acting in the remake of The A Team, where he is scheduled to play to B.A. Baracus, Mr. T’s role in the TV series. He had also appeared in many television shows, such as, The King of Queens, Jackass, and Pimp My Ride. He made a special appearance on WWE Monday Night Raw on June, 7 2010.

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