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Fight Shorts With Venom

The Venum Fight Short Company began in 2006 by Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competitors. Though it went without notice until fairly recently, the MMA community has now taken an explosive notice of the rugged fight wear.

The clothing brand is so popular in MMA fights that some have considered it the standard apparel in MMA. Venum is worn by persons in other fighter sports, of course, but it certainly stands out in MMA.

Venum Fighters

Jerome Lebanner, Jeff Monson: Americas Top Team, Denis Kang, Xavier Foup A-Pokam, and Karl Ammasou are some of the MMA greats that wear the Venom brand.


Venum’s MMA fight shorts have received praise not only because of their quality of product but also the wide range of designs to choose from. Everyone from the conservative to the flamboyant fighter are singing their praises.


Venum can withstand the pulling and tugging that takes place during the fight and the vests, jackets and tracks are trendy enough to fit comfortably within anyone’s casual clothes wardrobe.


You will find that Venum apparel wearers are some of the most loyal people you will find when it comes to a clothing line. And it is probably that customer loyalty that make the market what it is today.

The shorts are a strong statement made about the fighter’s passion for the sport. That is not surprising because they are great quality and they last and look cool too. That is no doubt why some of the best fighters in MMA wear them.

Passion for MMA

Aside from style, technique and superior skill displayed by the fighters in sports such as mixed martial arts, there is the glamor, the spirit of competition and the heart for the game and those who wear Venom make that statement and more by doing so.

They have been faithful in making sure the brand stays true to these characteristics that are at the heart of MMA bouts.

Clearly Venum shorts are perfect for fighters but they are adamant about making sure the line is not just for athletes but for casual wear for spectators too.


This is why Venum has been front and center of ensuring that there is clothing appropriate for people that might not necessarily be MMA fighters, but that want to associate with the MMA discipline.

Fans of MMA sport like that wearing this MMA brand is a way of identifying with the sport.

Nothing clearly proves the quality of a brand more than when it is placed side by side with competing brands. There has been little doubt as to how it holds up against other MMA attire brands – that is, Venum brand takes the lead by a mile.

The commitment to quality has made this brand one of the most respected among MMA fighters. That does not come from manufacturing attire that is average or does not make the grade. It takes a commitment to quality, continuous improvement and the use of the latest techniques in manufacturing.

It is clear that Venum has done their homework in ensuring that they stay ahead of the competition. There is no other way to get and maintain such a loyal customer base.

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