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Megamind stars some very unlikely Hollywood superstars like Will Ferrell and Brad Pitt along with television and stand-up comedy biggies like David Cross and the lovely Tina Fey.

Brad Pitt, of course, needs no introduction. He has earned his place in Hollywood as a character actor played surprisingly a variety of roles throughout his career. The actor was seen in the way of the film Thelma and Louise is perhaps the most acclaimed for his portrayal of Tyler Durden’s alter ego of the narrator in the cult movie Fight Club’s David Fincher. Of course, it is also known for her role as Rusty Ryan in Ocean’s Eleven series and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button in a series of outstanding performances.

Brad Pitt brilliantly brings life to the role of Metroman as the superhero who’s arch nemesis is Megamind in the DreamWorks newest 3D animation film ‘Megamind’. The voice of Megamind is provided by the witty Will Ferrell, who personifies the role of the Supervillian brilliantly.

Will Ferrell is known for his amazing comedic timing. He started out as a member of the cast of Saturday Night live and did not take long to cross over into films and Hollywood superstardom. Will Ferrell has kept audiences laughing with his comedic genius in films like Semi Pro, Talledega nights-The ballad of Ricky and Bobby, Anchorman, Blades of Glory and Zoolander among a host of other hits.

It has also proven itself in a serious role when he played IRS agent Harold Crick in Stranger Than Fiction brilliant film, directed by Marc Forster and starring Dustin Hoffman, Queen Latifah and Maggie Gyllenhaal.

There is absolutely no need to introduce Tina Fey. She provides the voice for Roxanne Ritchi – the savvy Tv news reporter who is also dating Metroman. Tina Fey is another SNL veteran, perhaps most famous for being the anchor of ‘The Weekend Update’ a regular skit on SNL as well as her parody of Sarah Palin on the same show. The actor started out as a writer on SNL and eventually moved on to acting. She is also one of the writers of the classicly funny series 30 Rock in which she also stars along with Alec Baldwin and Tracy Morgan. The role has also won her an Emmy and two Golden globes.

Megamind is of course aided by his trustworthy sidekick-Minion played by David Cross – the standup comedian perhaps most famous in India for his character Tobias in Arrested Development. He supports Ferrell brilliantly and brings more comedy to the film as a whole. Jonah Hill also stars as the Cameraman to Roxanne who is later turned into the superhero ‘Tighten’ by Megamind. He is known for his performance in comedies like Superbad , Funny People and The 40 year old Virgin and most recently for the voice of Snotlout in ‘How to train your Dragon’ another 3D animation film from the DreamWorks stable.

Check out all of these actors and more when Megamind releases on 24th November 2010, at a theatre near you.

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