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I Love Movies From 2006

There was a wide variety of 2006 movies released. A wide variety of genres such as Western, Horror, Comedy, Drama, Documentary and Animation were explored. Out of all of the films released, only five were chosen as nominees for the Best Picture Academy Award, a huge honor. These films were Brokeback Mountain, Capote, Crash, Good Night and Good Luck and Munich.

Brokeback Mountain, starring the late Heath Ledger, Jake Gyllenhaal, Anne Hathaway and Michelle Williams is about two male cattle herders in Wyoming who develop romantic feelings for one another. Because of the time and the place, their relationship stays a secret. The film was directed by Ang Lee and produced by Dina Ossana and James Schamus.

Capote, starring Philip Seymor Hoffman and Catherine Keener told the story of Truman Capote, the author of Cold Blood who develops a friendship with one of two serial killers who are sentenced to death. The film was directed by Bennett Miller and produced by Caroline Baron, William, Vince and Michael Ohoven.

Crash was another of the 2006 movies nominated for the Best Picture Academy award. This enselbe film starring Sandra Bullock, Ryan Philippe, Don Cheadle,Terrance Howard, Thandie Netwon and Matt Dillon. The film explores racism in it subtlest forms and how it affects over aspect of life. The film was directed by Paul Haggis and produced by Cathy Schulman.

Good Night and Good Luck starring George Clooney, Patricia Clarkson, David Strathaim and Jeff Daniels tells the story of news reporters exploring how Senator McCarthy was taking advantage of America’s fear of Communism. The film was directed by George Clooney and produced by Grant Heslov.

Another of the 2006 movies nominated for a Best Picture Academy Award is Munich. This film is about Israeli athletes murdered in the’72 Olympics in Munich. Starring Daniel Craig, Eric Bana and Ciaran Hinds, this historical and powerful film was considered the underdog for the year.

Crash ended up winning the academy award for best picture. The film reached so many people with its take on racism in modern times. The soundtrack was very well received and the screenplay is rumored to be written in three days by Paul Haggis. The film also received the academy award for best editing and the academy award for best original screenplay, accepted by Paul Haggis and Robert Moresco. The group of 2006 movies nominated for the best picture academy award was very diverse and well received.

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