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Many people backed away form learning martial arts merely because there’s too much to learn within one session. That is why it is ideal to split the steps into smaller chunks to assimilate.Once simple chunks are recalled then these must be applied with repetition to be acquired with muscle memory. Even exactly repeating the steps over and over again in a session has its restraints. Reports on a simple nervous system have shown that there is no increase to retention when any more than ten repetitions of a task in a session are performed.

The most helpful system of repetition practice is to spread the repetitions over couple number of sessions. So essentially, the technique is to do only seven to ten repetitions of a particular move in a training session. Then depending on your availability, extend out at least 9 repeat review sessions over a couple of days or weeks. The first repeat session can be close to the end of the session and the closer the review sessions are together the, the quicker optimal retention is obtained.

Another frequent problem is that many individuals who have experienced in mixed martial arts fighting get bored when trying to train the amount of repetitions in trying to get through them adequately. This process will seriously impair your concentration. Disguising the repetitions in the different kinds of drills, fun competition, and games that engage the specific ability concerned is a useful method that would aid you to get around this problem and will increase your versatility as well. Keep in mind that this is for the learning of new moves.

In order to achieve the top level of both mixed martial arts fighting or Muay Thai Fighting, you would want to condition the numerous properties needed such as speed, timing, flow, connectivity, corrections in balance, readiness for reaction to the competitor’s movement, and among other attributes. Taking your mixed martial arts fighting ability to this degree needs lots more hard-working efforts.

Once a decent level of fighting efficiency is gotten, then you could attempt to spar with a partner in a carefully controlled conditions or do controlled performance drills in which your training partner gives moderate issues to address. Using this technique for developing and doing your drilling could reinforce your game and also make repetition drilling much more fun when training for mixed martial arts fighting.

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