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Posters: Where You Can Put Them

Posters are cool to look at. You can put them on you walls in your bedroom and on the walls in your hallway. Lots of famous people have been featured on posters. They also advertise for movies on posters. The people who have been featured on posters include, Reese Wither spoon, Simon Cowell, Jack Black, Sandra Bullock, and Steven Seagull.

You can also find print outs of famous painters art work on posters. There are a lot of posters that are worth a lot of money because of what is printed on them. Most of them that are worth money are original movie posters. These are hard to find at a cheap price unless someone doesn’t know what they are worth.

There are also companies that you can send a picture and they will make your picture into a poster. They will also return your photograph at your request. However to be safe you should get an extra copy of the photo that you send to them in case it gets lost in the mail or they happen to loose it. Some pictures are not replaceable if you don’t have the negatives.

A lot of posters have images on them that you can stare at and see different things, if you stare at them long enough. Posters are also made with pictures of puppies and kittens. You can also get them with words that say different things on them like poems and bible verses. Posters are usually pretty large in size but you can get them at a much smaller size if you look around.

Usually when you find posters you can look at them at their normal size already framed, it’s like flipping through a very big book. Normal posters with bands, puppies or kittens on them usually cost three or five dollars at Wal-mart. But old posters will cost you a whole lot more, hundreds or maybe even thousands possibly millions depending on how old they are or what they have on them.

You can also get poster frames to keep your expensive posters safe and sound, if you have any that are expensive. When posters first came out a lot of people collected them, but they don’t collect them so much anymore. It is rare to find someone that actually buys and keeps them for a collection.

There are also a lot of places on the Internet you can find a poster. Some children and adults like to collect posters that have Marvel comics such as Spider man or Super Man on them or characters like Dragon Ball Z and Pokemon. Although posters are made out of paper, you still have to pay for the print that is on them.

So, no matter what kind of poster you decide to get or where you decide to get it, always make sure you are not overpaying for something that may be fake if you are getting a poster that is suppose to be the original make sure you get it checked by a professional before you buy it.

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