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Choosing The Right Equipment For A Great MMA Workout

Proper boxing equipment is a must if you are to reach the top of your game. All your equipment is important, right down to the shorts you wear. You may feel confident in a flashy pair of new shorts, but the type of gloves you wear is equally as important.

When MMA first began in it’s rawest form, boxing gloves were first worn in Greece and had very little padding. The fights were meant to be bloody. Now that has changed and gloves have all different levels of padding, weights and colors.

No matter what your sport of choice is such as boxing, kickboxing, MMA or another, you have options available for the gloves you can purchase. You can get gloves made with leather, lace, vinyl and even with velcro.

When considering what glove you need, know that bag gloves are excellent for training but not for use on an opponent. They offer very little padding and will protect your hands while training but will not protect your opponent’s face.

Handwraps are another piece of equipment you will more than likely need. You can use Mexican handwraps, herringbone handwraps or even sports tape.

Boxing clothing is important for moving and agility in the cage. Plus boxing trunks are pretty cool looking.

You can use MMA shorts for MMA and boxing too. You can find great reviews from MMA equipment sites and find out what the pros are wearing as well as compare pricing and quality.

Training with the speed bag has great benefits although it is often misunderstood in MMA. Training with a speed bag will help you develop many qualities such as distancing, timing and speed.

You may wonder if there is a difference between men and women’s gloves. Yes, there is. It is in the bone structure difference between males and females rather than so much in the weight. You can find out even more on this from MMA websites.

You will need a great pair of MMA gloves whether you are male or female. You will want to make sure you purchase high quality gloves that fit well and are made by a reputable manufacturer.

To really enhance your training, you might want to consider a simulated opponent such as a body opponent bag or a wavemaster. You will learn moves that mimic a real sparring partner that can withstand all you can dish out.

You now know some of the items you will want to add to your MMA equipment collection. Find out even more through MMA websites that offer reviews, information and competitive prices on supplies.

Be sure to check out CJ”s site for more information on MMA equipment, and all your MMA equipment needs.

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