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What Tattoos Do Celebrities Like?

Stars are usually believed to be style icons. They normally set fashion tendencies in clothes, make-up and of course tattoo designs. Today you can barely meet any famous actor or singer that has not made a tattoo design. Hollywood stars love tattoo designs but of course the selection of tattoos designsis always original. We will tell you about the most of celebrities and their tattoos designs, and what is even more important the grounds for their making so you have a possibility try them for yourself at Angelina Jolie is the most known Hollywood actress with a amazing quantity of tattoo designs. She started making tattoo designs when she was very young and is still making new tattoos designs quite often. In various periods of her life she made 13 tattoos. Many of them she has already replaced by another ones, some still decorate her body. Jolie herself explains that all her tattoo designs remind her of the most crucial moments of her life, she can choose a tattoo at a moment, in any time, but she never regrets it. The biggest Angelina’s tattoos are the tiger that is situated on her back – it is more than thirty centimeters in diameter and has replaced some previous tattoos designs and a dragon with a window. Angelina explains that each time she looks in the window she desires to move somewhere and a window tattoo design emphasizes her desire for travelling. Angelina besides has a tattoo design of Roman number XII on her arm showing that she doesn’t think of bad luck and a runic tattoo in the form of letter H, obviously in the honor of her brother James Haven. Angelina is fond of back tattoo designs and she has a “Know your right” tattoo under her neck and a very old Khmer prayer on her back made as amulet. She thinks that it saves her from unhappy accidents and failures. All Jolie’s tattoos designs have deep meanings: a quotation of Williams “A prayer for the wild at hear kept in cages” shows her wild and free personality. The latest Jolie’s tattoo is perfectly individual and original. She chose a tattoo with geographic coordinates of the places where her children were born, both mother and adopted children. Megan Fox is a fan of tattoos too. She likes tattoo designs and is sure that tattoos are one of the most significant kinds of arts. The famous actress has already made 8 tattoos, and though the meanings of some of them are still not understood by her fans, they are all significant for her. The first Megan’s tattoo is rather big and is made on her chest. This is a quatation in gothic type: “There once was a little girl who never knew love until a boy broke her HEART”. Megan is fond of quatation tattoos: she has a line form Shakespeare’s King Lear “We will all laugh at gilded butterflies” on her blade. But the most noticable and the most original Megan’s tattoo is Merlin Monroe’s face on her right arm. Though it looks quite shocking, Megan explains that she is a fan of Monroe since she was a kid and she is the ebst actress for her. There are also two waves on her left wrist and a moon, a crescent and a star tattoo that are made to bring luck. Megan believs them to be her talisman like In-Jan tattoo design. Scarlett Johansson, another well known actress also recently made a new tattoo on her arm. It looks extremely personal because she created a picture herself for more than a week. Now Johansson has a bright picture of the dawn on her left arm. Most of celebrities like tattoo designs. Their tattoos always emphasize their style, originality and character. Tattoos designs in any case separate people from the crowd and make them look more individual. And celebrities’ tattoo designs have a deep individual meaning and today they create fashion for tattoos all over the world.

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