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Why Is It That People Today Care About Hollywood Celebrities And Celebrity Scandals?

As a journalism graduate I am all for the independence of the press. I also feel that people today ought to know everything they need to know about everything. The key word is need, and I ought to define this a bit more by giving examples. People need to know the state of the union, they need to know the history of politicians so they’ll get a greater judgment of the persona of people that want power, they need to understand about the positive aspects and negatives as well as the beneficial aspects and flaws of equipment they may wish to invest in, they need to know about crime rates in their region and wherever else they might desire to go, etc. What they don’t need to know is every last detail regardless of how obscure about each and every Hollywood celebrity that walks the face of the planet. Nonetheless that is what they want to know. I am not declaring that the mass media ought to be censored to stop people from reading about Hollywood celebrities. Rather I am asking why do people care?

Hollywood celebrities are no different than anyone else until the rest of the population places them on pedestals. It truly is my honest opinion even when I am certain most people would deny it that a bulk of the population cares more about what is happening with Paris Hilton and Justin Bieber than what is happening to our fighting men and women abroad. This can be illustrated by the Houston Chronicle. Living in Houston I read this paper each day and it is as first rate a newspaper as I have read and I have read most of them. The Chronicle’s section A has celebrity news on page two and typically you have to flip to the back 2 pages to read the news about Iraq and Afghanistan. You will discover exceptions with both the moment anything really big happens, but what I have stated is the general norm.

We now have entire magazines about Hollywood celebrities that point out the specifics of the personal lives of actors and actresses, sports stars, and may favourite category of celebrity – reality stars.

Normal people will not place full page ads when they have a break up and most of the time they understandably wouldn’t want everyone on the planet to know about their private life. Well maybe they would if Facebook proves anything.

Why is it even news what anyone thinks about their sister-in-law? I have never been able to grasp why men and women in the U.S. are interested with the British royal family. Did we not kick them out of our nation in 1776?

The point of this is that folks have become obsessed with the most mundane particulars about people who the press has displayed in the limelight. Well possibly the crystal meth story is not so mundane (hopefully making meth never becomes an ordinary activity)

This is all just a part of the dumbing down of society. People today devote their time concerned with the unimportant in lieu of educating themselves about the major matters in today’s world. China is swiftly catching the U.S. in pretty much everything, but that is OK mainly because we can go to celebrity internet sites and vote on which hair style looks best on Charlie Sheen’s head. I personally voted for flat top cut and clean-shaven!

My conclusion is that people like gossip about Hollywood celebrities for the same reason’s they like soap operas. Seeing an individual live out publicly things that normal people do everyday. It gives them an outlet to bash actions and choices people make in a justifiable way. Celebrity gossip that’s “good” is usually something a celebrity has done that’s embarrassing or otherwise not in great taste. Sort of like laughing at an individual falling down stairs. If everyone else is laughing with you it’s not incorrect.

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