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Hollywood Celebrities Turn Father in Their 50s

At 67 years old Hollywood star Steve Martin is blessed with his first child. Well, he is not the only one who has become a dad in his ripe age; Rod Stewart did (66 years old), so did Clint Eastwood (66), and don’t forget Charlie Chaplin became a father at the age of 73. Hollywood actors seem to obey the adage ‘better late than never’, not only late but most of them religiously done their fatherly duties of changing nappies etc. There are number of inspiration celebrity stories if you think becoming father in a ripe age is embarrassing. Here is the list of some famous Hollywood celebrities for them age is just a number.

Bruce Willis

The Die Hard man has three daughters from his first wife Demi Moore and turned father recently after 17 years. Mabel Ray, her daughter is from his second wife, model Emma Heming. The reel like John McClane doesn’t seem to run out of action in real life as well.

Huge Grant

52 year-old Notting Hill star becomes a dad recently. He had a daughter and a son with current girlfriend Tinglan Hong. It had become a top celebrity news when he tweeted “I am the Daddy.” Surely he wants to sort out his pedigree before it’s too late.

Bryan Adams

The most loved rockstar with a voluminous female fan base, Bryan never found time to pay attention to his family life until he turned 50. At 51 he had his first child with AiciaGrimaldi, his assistant, and now they are expecting their second in a gap of twenty two weeks. It seems you are making a fan base in home as well Bryan!

Michael Douglas

Michael Douglas and his second wife Catherine Zeta Jones incidentally share the same birthday, 25 years apart though. He finally said he wanted to taste the fatherhood, and so he did. Dylan, the first one in 2000 and second child born when he was 59 year old. In 2010 they renewed their marriage vows.

Paul McCartney

The legendary musician married his girlfriend Nancy Shevell at 69. He had four children (one adopted) with Linda, his first wife, and one daughter at the age of 61 with his second wife Heather Mills.

Jack Nicholson

Dennic McDougal, the official biographer of Jack Nicholson says it’s difficult to track the exact number of children because he has so many ‘love children’. The actor is believed to involve in numerous romantic link-ups, but officially he has four children from his wife and two girlfriends. The youngest son Raymond was born when Dad was 55 year-old.

Alec Baldwin

‘The Cooler’ star first married in 1993 with actress Kim Basinger and had a daughter. The separated after 8 years. The first daughter Ireland (17) settled with her father. In 2012 he married yoga instructor Hilaria Thomas who is 26 year apart from his husband. Anyway, in a Hollywood celebrity interview the couple announced that they were expecting a child. Alec is 55 year-old man.

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