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What Do Perfumes Say About Your Personality

When you select a perfume, you might be swayed a little by what’s new and what’s hot. But ultimately you’re going to settle with a perfume that you truly enjoy. The perfume you end up selecting is largely due to your preferences and your personality. Here’s a fun way to find out what your perfume says about you. Reduce your perfume to a single main note, and read the following to see if your perfume says anything about your personality.

Incense perfumes are rare and unique. In low doses, incense notes like frankincense, vetiver or patchouli are quite common in perfumes. But when incense starts to stand above the other notes, you’ve got a unique perfume on your hands. The most popular incense perfume is Thierry Mugler Angel. If your perfume smells something like Angel or smoky incense ashes, your perfume indicates that you have a strong personality. You probably flaunt a wild devil-may-care attitude with pride. You have a cool and collected outer persona. But your perfume reveals that underneath the surface you boldly go against the grain. For that reason you always take the road less travelled.

Cake-like notes in perfumes are becoming a growing trend. But it truly takes a certain special someone to be able to wear a sweet pastry-type gourmand as their signature perfume day in and day out. Burberry Brit Red is a classic baked-goods perfume. Burberry Brit Red wafts a strong accord of spiced sweet gingerbread cookies. If you love perfumes like this, you have a sweet but funky personality. You are a typical girly-girl, but you love to indulge in quirky little extras like oversize bows and pink nail polish in neon tones. Your perfume reveals that Harajuku girls and Lady Gaga are your secret style gurus.

Powdered notes have been featured in loads of perfumes throughout history. However as sparkling high-energy perfumes have taken hold, powdered notes have become less popular and have taken a back seat in perfumery. Powdered notes are often featured in clean, soapy perfumes or green floral perfumes. Gwen Stefani’s Harajuku Lovers Baby and Philosophy Amazing Grace are two quintessential powdered perfumes. If you find yourself leaning towards these types of perfumes on most days, you’re an old soul who boasts a funky, old-school personality. You probably enjoy music genres that most people won’t even consider music. Your perfume says that beneath it all you are creative, organized, and painstakingly perfect at times.

Lemony citrus notes are probably the most overused notes in perfumery. Citrus notes–be it yuzu, grapefruit, pomelo, mandarin, or just plain lemon–are almost always featured as the introductory note in perfumes. But soliflore citrus perfumes are quite rare. If find yourself reaching for linear citrus perfumes like Lemon Sugar by Fresh, you are a citrus fanatic! Your personality is outgoing, bright and fresh. Though you are fun-loving, you are never too crazy. Despite your sociable nature, you never have an ulterior motive. Your perfume indicates that your lovable personality draws people towards you.

What about your perfume? Does your personality match your perfume choice? Or do you find that your perfume wears you?

Chris is a men’s cologne, and women’s perfume reviewer, fragrance expert, and as such he commonly deals with perfumes and cologne from all over the world. He currently works as a tester at Overnight Perfume, a Discount Women’s Perfumes online store.

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