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Babies And Dreams – Bebe Au Lait

Babies And Dreams – Bebe au Lait

Claire Ekelund realized that, as a nursing mom, public nursing was a chore. This was realized with the birth of her second daughter in 2003. She wanted to be able to nurse her anywhere at anytime but discreetly. As she and other moms found out, trying to nurse a squirming bundle of joy and hold a blanket in place was not something one person could do with two hands. She searched everywhere for a viable solution to the problem but, at the time, there was nothing that would work well for this problem. This is where Bebe au Lait came into being.

Total Coverage

Bebe au Lait was the solution that was needed to be coverage for baby and mom in those special times of nursing. Mom could nurse anywhere discreetly. Claire created the first Bebe au Lait product called the Hooter Hider. Of course this name was created by a male friend of hers! They were easy to wash and could be used for more than one purpose if needed. The great thing about the Bebe au Lait Hooter Hider was that mom and baby could see each other as the nursing ritual was carried out unlike the other types on the market. It also had pockets to keep things organized.

Getting Attention

As Claire used this wonderful baby item for public breast feeding, many of her friends, family, and others started becoming interested in it for themselves. They began questioning her as to where she had purchased this item but was told it was a creative venture on her part. Her husband, Ronnie, saw the business potential in the idea and soon had the two of them working together on the project. Bebe au Lait was created out of this desire to work together and the company was born. It now serves parents and baby with great products that are designed like no others and of the highest quality materials.

A Big Hit

The Bebe au Lait Hooter Hider became one of the hottest selling items within a short time. Within no time, it was being featured in such magazines as Fit Pregnancy, US Weekly, Vanity Fair, and People. It was purchased by celebrities such as Gwyneth Paltrow, Gwen Stefani, Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Liv Tyler, Mira Sorvino, and even Julia Roberts. The company first started as Hooter Hiders and stayed with that name for two years. The couple decided to change it to Bebe au Lait to give it a more sophisticated flair and keep it within good taste as so many big names were using the product. Customers felt that the name was not good changed so the company now is known as Bebe au Lait and Hooter Hiders the same.


The Bebe au Lait nursing covers are made from fabrics that are hand picked and designed to be the product desired by upscale mommies. They have created a Simple line that offers a complete certified organic fabric product in solid colors. The Monaco line from Bebe au Lait is made from the finest silk lined fabric.

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