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Cristiano Ronaldo’s Named His New Baby Cristiano Ronaldo – Obviously…

Not at all narcissistic Cristiano Ronaldo has reportedly decided to give his new son exactly the same name as him. We know, we couldn’t believe it either…

The football star’s sister revealed yesterday:

“The baby is doing very well. Cristiano chose the name but we like it. We’re very happy about what Cristiano has done.”

Well at least you’re happy with it love. Reports today also suggest that the football star hand-picked the surrogate mother who had his baby as he was simply desperate to have a child, and what’s more the new arrival is said to look just like him – what he’s got greasy hair, plucked eyebrows and waxed legs as well?

Baby Cristiano (it just doesn’t sound right does it?) is now being cared for by the star’s mum and sister in Portugal, while he enjoys a nice holiday in New York with his model girlfriend Irina Shayk (see above pictures of Ronaldo working on his tan yesterday while on said holiday)…

Lady GaGa Was On Fire Last Night….

‘Arf ‘arf, But seriously – apparently the crowd at Madison Square Gardens in NY went f-ing mental last night when Lady GaGa performed a special two hour long homecoming concert.

As per usual the singer played all of her biggest songs, and she also wore all of her most outlandish stage costumes, but on a sentimental, personal note GaGa told the audience at the stadium:

“Without New York, I would not exist.”

Actually love technically, we think you probably would…

Naomi Campbell Showers Herself In Champers Ahead Of War Crimes Tribunal..

As her impending date to give evidence at the war crimes tribunal of Charles Taylor readily approaches, Naomi Campbell decided to kick back and have a blast at a party in St Tropez with her boyfriend and Sir Philip Green.

The model was literally squealing with delight as she was showered with champagne (that’s when model’s are at their happiest you know) while at a costume party earlier this week.

Let’s hope Naomi can keep smiling even when she’s being hauled to the war crimes tribunal in the Hague, because thus far she’s refused to give evidence in the hearing. And hell really do hath no fury like a Naomi Campbell scorned you know…

These Rooney Family Holiday Pictures Almost Melted Our Icy Hearts…

We said almost – not completely (don’t worry, we’re still as bitter and sarcastic as ever). Yes for just a second these pictures of Wayne and Coleen Rooney playing with their little son Kai while on holiday in the Caribbean actually melted our hearts.

Aw, just look at the way Wayne is holding his son adoringly above his head while making funny faces at him!

Oh no, hang on a second – that’s just his normal-looking face isn’t it? Our bad….

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