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Moves to Keep You on Your Toes

Despite all our best efforts to avoid getting into confrontations or fights, the present culture of violence around us could serve to nullify them. Unlike fights depicted in the movies, where two muscular fighters battle each other for what seems like hours before arriving at a decision or a stalemate, reality can be quite different. In reality, usually one or more adults will encompass what they perceive to be a ‘soft target’ and engage in either a verbal duel or a physical one. Eventually, the verbal duel will metamorphose into a physical one. However, such fights end up being one-sided and leave the victims scarred – physically and emotionally. On these occasions, while the attack may appear to have been random and misdirected, the fact remains that such attacks do not take place without a motive. In most cases, the attackers aim to get something from you and consciously target you. In such cases, possessing some knowledge of self-defense or martial arts could stand you in good stead. At best, it could help you foil the attack and repel the attackers; at worst, it could help you battle the odds and save yourself, even if you lose some of your personal belongings.

Most experts advise that prevention remains the best form of self-defense. Thus, following the general practices of safety i.e. being aware of your surroundings, walking in well-lit areas, varying your routines etc. remain good precautions to follow. However, if violence cannot be avoided, some tips to use include:
* When the attacker touches you, push back and shout loudly. Not only does this serve the purpose of signaling for help, it also lets the assailant know that you will not be a soft target.
* Gain control by inflicting as much injury as possible. Generally, target the eyes, the nose, the side of the neck and the side of the knees with your hands, fists and feet to inflict maximum damage.
* Principles of martial arts systems like Jiu-Jitsu demonstrate that by leveraging your weight effectively, you can defend yourself regardless of your size, weight or strength.
The Renzo Gracie Training Facility (West Haven, CT), provides a complete MMA program in addition to the authentic Gracie Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. They also provide competitive training in Mixed Martial Arts, Muay Thai Kickboxing and Wrestling – for more details, Click here. While the fact remains that martial arts can be a skill learned in leisure, but it remains very useful in certain situations that life throws our way.

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