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Dita Von Teese To Perform In Eurovision…

Dita Von Teese is the kind of woman who is so hopelessly glamorous that she could make shovelling elephant dung for a living at London zoo look like the most sexy and elegant job on the planet.

Well, maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but still yesterday we were baffled because somehow she managed maintain her glamorous allure whilst loading shopping bags into her car boot. How did she do it? God knows.

But as much as we admire Dita, we can’t help but feel slightly let down by her latest decision to feature in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. The burlesque star was asked to perform with German entrants Alex Christensen and Oscar Loya on their ballad Miss Kiss Kiss Bang, and for some reason she agreed (has she seen the show before?). Speaking about the contest, Dita sounded enthusiastic, saying:

“I hope that our collaboration will win!”

Lets hope she can avoid the dreaded “nil points”, then at least she can walk away with her head held high. Well, nearly anyway…

New Details Emerge About SJP’s Surrogacy…

When Sarah Jessica Parker announced yesterday that she and her husband were expecting twin daughters, via a surrogate mother, the actress’ rep gave the impression that she’d released the statement as she was simply overjoyed at the prospect of becoming a mum again.

But, apparently behind the scenes it was a very different story. SJP – who we caught up with dashing into her New York apartment yesterday – actually decided to make the announcement after she found out Star magazine was due to exclusively reveal the news in it’s upcoming edition.

But perhaps SJP was particularly keen to prevent the publication getting the scoop as last year Star also broke the news that her husband, Matthew Broderick was allegedly cheating on her.

Anyway, according to Star the couple’s surrogate is a 26-year old divorcee from Parker’s home state of Ohio, she’s already 7 months pregnant and both she and Matt have already paid tens of thousands of dollars in expenses to the lady. Well, she is giving birth to twins for them, we suppose it’s only fair.

Chris Brown’s Case Might Get Dismissed…

The leaked photo of Rihanna’s bruised and battered face, which reverberated the severity of her injuries around the globe, may have jeopardised the prosecution’s case against Chris Brown. Speaking outside an LA courthouse yesterday, Chris’ lawyer, Mark Geragos, said that if the picture of Rihanna was leaked by someone from inside the LAPD – then he will ask for the entire case to be dismissed.

There’s already an investigation underway to find out how TMZ got hold of the picture, and yesterday in court Mark Geragos asked for the preliminary hearing date to be pushed back to give more time for the investigation. Mark said:

“The leaks can form the basis for a motion to dismiss the case in regards to outrageous governmental misconduct.”

The new hearing is now set for May 28th, but there’s a chance that the case may never make it’s way to court if Chris’ lawyer is able to strike up a deal with the prosecution before then. So what do we think of this latest twist in the Chris/Rihanna saga then?

Michael Jackson’s Bizarre Family Outing…

Michael Jackson and his family caused a stir yesterday in LA, when they ventured out of the house to go shopping at the Ed Hardy store on Melrose Avenue. The star popped into the shop wearing a bright blue surgical mask – as you do – a bright green school blazer and a hat. Meanwhile his kids donned school uniforms for the trip and carnival masks.

We caught up with the singer as he left the store, after spending over an hour in there, and got in his car where from the back seat he warned photographers not to trip over. Oh, and in case you’re wondering what’s wrapped around his face while he’s in the car – it’s a sheer scarf, obviously.

Stars Flock To An H&M Boat Party…

Matthew Williamson managed to attract another star crowd to the launch of his second collection for H&M in New York last night. The designer hosted a nautical themed boat party on The Majesty boat, which was docked in the Financial District of the city.

Guests at the bash included Mary Kate Olsen, Lucy Lui, Bar Refaeli and Helena Christensen.

Crowds at the bash were also treated to a very special performance from Grace Jones…

Exhausted Lady GaGa Given Month Break…

Despite her vigorous and animated performance on German TV show Hautnah yesterday, Lady GaGa is reportedly completely exhausted. The star is now said to be so fatigued that her record bosses have decided to give her a month off work, amid fears she’s about to burn out.

Her management have scrapped a string of the singer’s live appearance to give her some desperately needed time to recuperate. Apparently GaGa has had a series of wild nights out whilst in America which have really taken their toll on her. A source said:

“GaGa has been working relentlessly since last summer. She has criss-crossed the globe on numerous occasions promoting her album The Fame and the pressure has now started to get to her.

“At a recent show in Atlanta she nearly collapsed on stage the day after a particularly wild night out. Her management have spotted the warning signs and do not want her going off the rails. They’ve scrapped all her commitments in August to give her time to get her head straight.”

Oh, poor GaGa, we guess that means a whole month without wearing leotards, body suits, ten-inch heels or gigantic hats. Do you think she can do it?

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